Our Weekly Wisdom today is designed to support you in increasing your positive impactful communication in quarterly reviews, with your team, your family, at social gatherings. You can use these two impactful communication keys anywhere, anytime.

The first key is “The Directometer”: adjusting your communication to your audience. It just makes sense, right? You might not communicate the same way to an adult that you would to a small child, for instance, and there are many other factors to take into consideration. I am working with a leader around employee engagement, and considering how and when to dial up or down on “the Directometer” according to who he is speaking with, for example, how experienced and confident they are. There is a big cultural difference around this, including gender, generation. Stop and consider who you are talking with and how direct to be for the greatest impactful communication, keeping cultural differences in mind.

The second key I find really fun and hope you do too. And that is to use “You are” statements. In coaching, work, socially and with family, it is really powerful. I used one with Brighton West when he interviewed me on Direct Communication for Coaches and his response was “That’s awesome and I had this nice little flush when you said that.” Tune in to our 10 minute video interview to hear what I said and how I delivered it, as well as other applications of Direct Communication especially for coaches. Podcast fans, tune into Meg Rentschler’s 38 minute podcast interview with me, designed to raise your Cultural Intelligence as well as improve your Direct Communication impact.

The most powerful message I have received was from a trainee has been, “Marilyn, you are a gentle, spiritual soul, and yet powerful and provocative at the same time.” Wow, that’s my favorite ever. What positive “you are” statements will you give in quarterly reviews, to your team, your family, friends, and yourself? Instead of just saying I like your tie, for example, you could say, “You really know how to put your wardrobe together. You always look great. You are a great representative of our team (or office).”

I would love to hear back from you: What are the “You Are” statements you are making, and how are you dialing up or down on the Directometer for your greatest positive impactful communication?

Self-Review tool: Many people pause at least once a year to reflect on their year, progress and goals. I offer you this tool I developed.

To your success, we are in this together! Stay tuned for more Keys to Unlocking Potential!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC

CQ, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

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