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Searching for Serenity

“Searching for Serenity? Or at least a little sanity? Figure out your goals and values to find balance”, by Edward M. Eveld and Lisa Guiterrez Quotes from that article:

“Before she sat down recently at home with coach Marilyn O’Hearne, Hubbard said her days felt unbalanced. so much time spent on everyone else, none left for her… Before leaving, O’Hearne had Hubbard pencil in breaks on her calendar. ‘What’s different at bedtime if you’ve had time for yourself, is you’re going to be calmer, more patient, more joyful.’”

“Sometimes, as Wanda Johnson discovered, it (achieving balance) means pondering and evaluating one’s mission in life. What is my job here on Earth? Is this what I should be doing with my time here? Johnson had just embarked on a new avocation as a motivational speaker when she met coach Marilyn O’Hearne in the summer of 2001. “I have greater clarity about life and how I fit into the universe,” Johnson said recently from Washington, D.C., where she’s on temporary assignment for the EPA. “I had already come to the awareness that the motivational speaking was my calling, but I wasn’t at the point where I understood how to use it. I think what she helped me do was to take what I already knew, but take it to a level where it gave me strength and insightfulness.”