2 Keys to Ensuring Your Direct Communication is “Ideal” for Successful Impact

Take a lesson from Goldilocks.  You do not want your communication to be too direct (her porridge “too hot”), getting burned (losing business); or too indirect (“too cold”), also risking losing business. How do you discover what is the cultural “just right” level of Direct Communication with your clients, customers, stakeholders?

My grand-dog Trek, who I am staying with this week, responds to firm, direct commands, like “sit!” (sometimes). But that does not always work with humans!

How one of my coaches almost lost my business: I felt myself squirming in my chair, feeling impatient, my attention drifting, watching the […]

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Women in the Workplace: Boosting Your Cultural Intelligence

Marilyn: Welcome to Weekly Wisdom, boosting Cultural Intelligence, this week on Women in the Workplace: challenges and bottom line results; Marilyn O’Hearne with Courtney Thomas, CEO of the Central Exchange and at the Westport Plexpod, kicking off the .WISTEMM Village. So Courtney tell us about some of the challenges you see for women in the workplace.

Courtney: First and foremost I think one of the largest challenges that women face is having the same opportunities as men. We talk about wage parity, gender disparity. Those sorts of things that limit women from achieving the goals […]

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You Need to Speak Up!

As a leader or coach, you want the greatest impact for you, your organization and its stakeholders, to maximize income by maintaining your edge and avoiding loss of business, talent, and market share.

Yet the self doubt and even sometimes fear that arises from working in our Volatile, Uncertain, (culturally) Complex and Ambiguous world can get in your way. Our rapidly changing world can be unnerving for even established leaders, and more so for emerging or new leaders who are still finding their way. When an overnight tweet can effect the stock market and […]

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#MeToo: What Will YOU Do?

Me Too! I want to play on the school sponsored sports team, to drive the car, to own property, to vote, to be paid equally for equal work, to have a seat around the board table, in politics, even be the CEO, to be respected, to feel safe. What will YOU do to contribute to a solution? One third of all women will experience violence (sexual or other) in their lifetime, according to the UN. Me too is a human rights issue.

Do men also experience violence and sexual harassment? Yes, much less frequently.

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Starbucks, You & Me: Cultural OOPS!

We are all on the journey to greater awareness, including cultural, and “OOPS” are bound to happen along the way. How do you handle oops when they occur? We had some examples a few weeks ago of how to communicate with others when we hear their bias “oops.”

Imagine my initial horror when a newsletter reader (thankfully) brought my cultural oops to my attention last week. I posted apologies on social media, updated the text of my blog and Linkedin pulse and re-shot my video to exclude the oops.

I particularly wanted to communicate […]

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