#MeToo: What Will YOU Do?

Me Too! I want to play on the school sponsored sports team, to drive the car, to own property, to vote, to be paid equally for equal work, to have a seat around the board table, in politics, even be the CEO, to be respected, to feel safe. What will YOU do to contribute to a solution? One third of all women will experience violence (sexual or other) in their lifetime, according to the UN. Me too is a human rights issue.

Do men also experience violence and sexual harassment? Yes, much less frequently.

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What 4 Letter Word Will You Implement for Thriving People & Organizations?


What 4 letter word will you implement for thriving people and organizations?

Watch this three minute video!

How can you open this door to success?

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Happy New Year-here’s to thriving people and organizations!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC

Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation 

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Hacking Motivation 2: Leap into Full Potential + New Opportunity for Coaches

What do successfully leading during challenging times, completing a book and running for political office have in common? Hacking motivation! Here we explore how leaping  into full, future potential hacks motivation, building on the first of this three part series, where we looked at how holding to purpose and vision serve as a motivation hack. How is your motivation?

1.Book writing: Even with a clear calling, I would still sit down to write and be pulled off track with my brain chatter. That included the very unhelpful thought, “who are you to write this book?” (sound familiar?) Like any successful coach, […]

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Preventing Conflict, Promoting Peace


Book - Breaking Free From Bias

What do you see in the image of this book cover?

I see a break through and breaking free, in partnership, to a world and workplace of greater peace and less conflict.

How is this possible?

Our world is breaking open. In fact, it sometimes seems to be exploding with cultural clashes and unconscious bias at the root of much conflict. Unconscious bias? Yes, you! We all have it, no matter what our background, training, and experience.

My vision is living and working in a world of shared […]

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Courage=Heart guest blog Terry Sidford

While I write a (How to) “Ego Disarmament” blog, fellow coach (and author) Terry Sidford and I are posting each other’s blogs on Courage. (did you miss mine? https://marilynoh.com/untether-for-the-journey/courage-and-love-at-work-and-in-life) I invite you to send me or post your favorite quotes, questions and ideas on disarming the ego, and to enjoy Terry’s blog, below!

Courage=Heart guest blog by Terry Sidford

Most of the time we think courage is a big emotion we muster up in times of need, when the clouds descend and life collapses around us with loud booming noises.

But often, the opposite is true. Sometimes it is the quietest of […]

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