You Need to Speak Up!

As a leader or coach, you want the greatest impact for you, your organization and its stakeholders, to maximize income by maintaining your edge and avoiding loss of business, talent, and market share.

Yet the self doubt and even sometimes fear that arises from working in our Volatile, Uncertain, (culturally) Complex and Ambiguous world can get in your way. Our rapidly changing world can be unnerving for even established leaders, and more so for emerging or new leaders who are still finding their way. When an overnight tweet can effect the stock market and […]

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How CQ Coaching Can Result in 19% Increased Talent Retention, Decreased Conflict; 300% ROI

“David”s (name changed) unconscious bias directed at himself was holding him and his organization back. He had experienced a disability growing up that resulted in his reluctance to communicate with senior leaders. His unconcious bias was that his disability limited his capacity to make a meaningful contribution.

Now, if you had asked David if he believed this disability could negatively impact capacity for anyone else he would have said, “Of course not!”

His unconscious bias led to his belief: “They (the senior leaders) are not going to want to talk with me or hear what I […]

How CQ Coaching Can Result in 19% Increased Talent Retention, Decreased Conflict; 300% ROI2018-04-06T16:48:50+00:00


When you hear the word supervision, what image comes to mind? You may think of someone who had authority over you and perhaps did not use it well. I know I have.

That is not what I am here to talk about today. What great organizational supervisors and coaching supervisors have in common is cultivating a culture of credibility, trust and support. Successful supervisors also deliver effective, constructive feedback. Supervision contributes as well to quality assurance and professional development.

As a coaching supervisor now and previously as a social work supervisor, I find a key […]