From Flooded to Focused: Enjoy the rewards!

My United Nation leadership coaching clients live in the same Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous world we all experience. The effects on us? self doubt, eroded confidence and difficulties focusing. We are bombarded with 11 million bits of info per moment and our brains can only process forty bits of information per moment. Our brains set up thousands of automatic filtering systems where unconscious bias, which can limit potential, occurs.

What to do? My UN leadership coaching clients, who literally carry the lives of many on their shoulders, delight in being introduced to a practice […]

From Flooded to Focused: Enjoy the rewards!2018-05-09T21:22:15+00:00

Are You Unleashing or Limiting Potential and Innovation?

Hi Marilyn O’Hearne here, with a few minutes of Weekly Wisdom, today asking are you unleashing or stifling potential & innovation? 

Research tells us we spend more time talking with people who are like us. We know the damaging effects of that not only on profitability but also, related, on innovation. If everyone has the same perspective, innovation, so necessary in our fast-paced world where the next new thing is quickly outdated, is stifled. Whether you are a solopreneur or bigger organization leader, how do you keep your organization on the cutting edge?

Are You Unleashing or Limiting Potential and Innovation?2018-05-02T15:24:02+00:00