Women in the Workplace: Boosting Your Cultural Intelligence

Marilyn: Welcome to Weekly Wisdom, boosting Cultural Intelligence, this week on Women in the Workplace: challenges and bottom line results; Marilyn O’Hearne with Courtney Thomas, CEO of the Central Exchange and at the Westport Plexpod, kicking off the .WISTEMM Village. So Courtney tell us about some of the challenges you see for women in the workplace.

Courtney: First and foremost I think one of the largest challenges that women face is having the same opportunities as men. We talk about wage parity, gender disparity. Those sorts of things that limit women from achieving the goals […]

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Preventing Conflict, Promoting Peace


Book - Breaking Free From Bias

What do you see in the image of this book cover?

I see a break through and breaking free, in partnership, to a world and workplace of greater peace and less conflict.

How is this possible?

Our world is breaking open. In fact, it sometimes seems to be exploding with cultural clashes and unconscious bias at the root of much conflict. Unconscious bias? Yes, you! We all have it, no matter what our background, training, and experience.

My vision is living and working in a world of shared […]

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From Win/Lose to Win/Win: How to Recover Hope Post-Election Oppression

Oppression can be like knowing there is a sun, but not being able to see or experience its warmth because the clouds are in the way.  The sun breaking through the clouds seems very distant. Have you experienced this during the US elections, Brexit, hostile take-overs?

We live in uncertain and divisive times where we are bombarded with fear-inducing messages. How do you access hope and win/win results while feeling oppressed with uncertainty, divisiveness and win/lose threats? 

When fearful of potential outcomes during times of uncertainty and divisiveness, hearkening back to wise spiritual truths as well as national visions and values provide […]

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The World’s Transition Team-Are You On It?

Terrorist attacks around the world, racial unrest and violence, divisive and destructive political campaigns, economic and social upheaval, environmental concerns are literally changing the face of our world. Our world is inescapably VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

“The world is changing and I am on the Transition Team”: are you? How are you, your team and organization playing on and for the team to create a world in which everyone can thrive?

The teams I coach learn to stay energized and achieve sustainable Quadruple Bottom Line results in the midst of complexity and uncertainty by keeping their focus on […]

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Step Into Shared Power, Leading to Peace and Prosperity Rather than Bullying!

Our world was created for harmony and peace. Yet shootings, terrorism, war, injustice, bullying erupt all around us. My heart breaks.

Thankfully I have “only” experienced shootings, terrorism, and war via the media. Unfortunately, like many of you, I cannot say the same for bullying and injustice.

“I am not assigning you the type of clients promised because you did not close out the meeting room.” My boss, threatened by my credentials and status, delighted in pointing out my shortcomings including any tiny detail missed and thwarting my career goals. She called for yet another […]

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How Sharing Power Increases Impact!

Attention Heroes and Lone Rangers! Is your belief that everything needs to happen through your own power draining your energy? I invite you to consider a different perspective, with two ways of sharing power that increase your sustainable impact.

1. Sharing power with others: “Recognizing when everyone brings something and they share their something everyone has enough, plenty, with much left over.” Jim Caccamo, Community Change Leader, saw this team leadership lesson reflected in the Gospel story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. “Our job is to ‘listen’ to what people bring and build a trustworthy process to have everyone […]

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Sustainability and Quadruple Bottom Line Results: Stop Wasting Resources!

When you think of Quadruple Bottom Line Results, you may immediately think of wildly successful (social) entrepreneurial stories like Tom’s Shoes, or Richard Branson. Or NGOs/nonprofits and governmental organizations such as the United Nations and the US Environmental Protection Agency. I am privileged to include these last 2 on my client list, as well as KCPL: a utility that invests in developing its people along with practices that support long term environmental effects.

How are you and your organization stacking up?

The quadruple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit & Future Orientation, the 4 “Pillars of Sustainability”) is an expanded version of the […]

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Freedom! What Does Delegation Have to Do with It?

Jakarta ICF coaches and guests

One of my international leadership coaching clients recently recognized the importance of delegation and team work and how that reflects their organization’s polarities of control/out of control, freedom/micromanagement.  When an organization and/or a leader is afraid to let go of control, they do not delegate, trying to do it all themselves so it can be done “right”.  This also shows up in their interaction with their “team”. (It is hard to have a functioning team when the leader is not sharing power/control. Neither the leader nor […]

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Coaching Philosophy

Leadership, Team Coaching and Mentoring Philosophy:

Marilyn believes that thriving organizations depend on thriving people, and that coaching is the best methodology for ensuring both.  Marilyn delights in energizing and developing leaders and teams, and thus, their organizations.  When this approach is paired with a commitment to sustainability, a quadruple bottom line impact is achieved: people, planet, profit, with a future orientation (purpose).

Because she sees people as our greatest natural resource, Marilyn invests, on behalf of the organization, in her clients renewing, discovering and creatively developing their unique gifts, abilities and visions and capitalizing on those on behalf of the organization.  […]

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