5 Powerful Peace Plans to Implement Today

At a time when the news shouts of terrorism and shootings and you may be facing loss or disharmony in your own life, how can you experience the power of peace?

My last blog identified Spiritual Intelligence as a key ingredient to individual and team success: “the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion (heart, love), while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation.” (“Grace under fire” is also developed as an aspect of Executive Presence for leaders.)

Peace is always available/accessible to us, in any circumstance, “the Peace that passes understanding.”

Yet when I consider this world was […]

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Stressed? Change Your Holiday Tune

Stressed? Change Your Holiday Tune

Is this your normal holiday refrain? “On Rushing, on Buying, on Wrapping, on Parties, on Exhaustion, on Flu!” Would you like to change your tune, and actually relax, enjoy, and remember what the holidays truly represent: thanksgiving, joy, peace, and love?

Change your tune, by:

* Focusing on meaningful traditions rather than social/cultural expectations.
* Creatively, prayerfully mapping out ways to express thanks, joy, peace, and love.
* Starting a new tradition: we did not have extended family in town when I was growing up and my parents used to invite divorced and widowed friends to […]

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  • Speaking at ICF Cultural Competency Event 2013Marilyn’s audiences walk away inspired with new perspectives, shifts in thinking, and action plans. Her faith in others’ ability for transformation, her gentle strength and excellent cultural and communication skills promote the trust and inspiration required for engaging global audiences.
  • Marilyn is an international trainer and speaker including the ICF Midwest Regional Conference 2015; (APAC) Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaching Conference 2017 and 2014 Thailand and Korea; Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, and the US and countless virtual programs.
  • Marilyn uses her broad experiences, insight, […]