How to Practice #Peace in One Minute & Beyond

Hi Marilyn O’Hearne here with weekly wisdom, today talking about how to practice peace for one minute an hour and beyond. I will be sharing with you a practice I learned from Doug Silsbee through his Presence Based Coaching. “If you practice it ten times a day it will change your life,” he said. That is about once a waking hour. So let me know after you have you tried it out!

I use this with clients, my fast paced United Nations clients especially appreciate it. I also use it before going into meetings and […]

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How to Successfully Communicate while Uncertain

We celebrate freedom in the US. Yet in our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) World, we are not free of ambiguity. We crave certainty, clarity, directness (some personalities and cultures more than others). Stepping into leadership, as a leader or a coach, requires increasing tolerance for and skills with dealing successfully with ambiguity (Ambiguity= murky, foggy, unclear).

Imagine your organization is in the process of merging with another organization. Or is downsizing. Or the new CEO has announced an upcoming reorganization. Productivity and profitability need to stay in place, while expectations are in flux and employees (maybe even you!) are unsure of […]

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2 Keys to Ensuring Your Direct Communication is “Ideal” for Successful Impact

Take a lesson from Goldilocks.  You do not want your communication to be too direct (her porridge “too hot”), getting burned (losing business); or too indirect (“too cold”), also risking losing business. How do you discover what is the cultural “just right” level of Direct Communication with your clients, customers, stakeholders?

My grand-dog Trek, who I am staying with this week, responds to firm, direct commands, like “sit!” (sometimes). But that does not always work with humans!

How one of my coaches almost lost my business: I felt myself squirming in my chair, feeling impatient, my attention drifting, watching the […]

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Starbucks, You & Me: Cultural OOPS!

We are all on the journey to greater awareness, including cultural, and “OOPS” are bound to happen along the way. How do you handle oops when they occur? We had some examples a few weeks ago of how to communicate with others when we hear their bias “oops.”

Imagine my initial horror when a newsletter reader (thankfully) brought my cultural oops to my attention last week. I posted apologies on social media, updated the text of my blog and Linkedin pulse and re-shot my video to exclude the oops.

I particularly wanted to communicate […]

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Are You Unleashing or Limiting Potential and Innovation?

Hi Marilyn O’Hearne here, with a few minutes of Weekly Wisdom, today asking are you unleashing or stifling potential & innovation? 

Research tells us we spend more time talking with people who are like us. We know the damaging effects of that not only on profitability but also, related, on innovation. If everyone has the same perspective, innovation, so necessary in our fast-paced world where the next new thing is quickly outdated, is stifled. Whether you are a solopreneur or bigger organization leader, how do you keep your organization on the cutting edge?

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WHAT Did You Just Say? Challenging Communication 2 Step

Have you ever felt like walking away from a conversation, or screaming, “WHAT did you just say?

My HR colleague, Randy Woehl, provides another communication option, which I follow up with a second challenging communication step.

When Randy hears a limiting statement like, “Latinas do not belong in the board room because they are just not that business minded,” he invites the person to substitute “Latina” (or Human Resource professionals, or women or whatever group is being targeted) with their own cultural identity.

So if Randy’s counterpart is a white male, he would say, “White males do not belong in the […]

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What 4 Letter Word Will You Implement for Thriving People & Organizations?


What 4 letter word will you implement for thriving people and organizations?

Watch this three minute video!

How can you open this door to success?

Click here for the workplace research.

Watch for more brief videos on Facebook Live!

Coaches, if you want to learn more keys to mastery, join me January 9 live 

Happy New Year-here’s to thriving people and organizations!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC

Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation 

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Hacking Motivation: Deadline Power + Not to be missed invitations for coaches

What do successfully leading during challenging times, completing a book and running for or serving in political office have in common? Hacking motivation to reach goals! We address the third of three motivation hacks, with three examples, this time focused on calendar commitments with financial implications.

1.Leading during challenging times: When asked how she hacks motivation to reach goals, Dr. Sandra Billinger, University of Kansas Medical Center Associate Professor replied, “In my position as Interim Associate Dean, with so many meetings on the calendar + team + research; I scheduled time for myself to write grants, which contribute to funding and […]

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