How to Practice #Peace in One Minute & Beyond

Hi Marilyn O’Hearne here with weekly wisdom, today talking about how to practice peace for one minute an hour and beyond. I will be sharing with you a practice I learned from Doug Silsbee through his Presence Based Coaching. “If you practice it ten times a day it will change your life,” he said. That is about once a waking hour. So let me know after you have you tried it out!

I use this with clients, my fast paced United Nations clients especially appreciate it. I also use it before going into meetings and […]

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You Need to Speak Up!

As a leader or coach, you want the greatest impact for you, your organization and its stakeholders, to maximize income by maintaining your edge and avoiding loss of business, talent, and market share.

Yet the self doubt and even sometimes fear that arises from working in our Volatile, Uncertain, (culturally) Complex and Ambiguous world can get in your way. Our rapidly changing world can be unnerving for even established leaders, and more so for emerging or new leaders who are still finding their way. When an overnight tweet can effect the stock market and […]

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From Flooded to Focused: Enjoy the rewards!

My United Nation leadership coaching clients live in the same Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous world we all experience. The effects on us? self doubt, eroded confidence and difficulties focusing. We are bombarded with 11 million bits of info per moment and our brains can only process forty bits of information per moment. Our brains set up thousands of automatic filtering systems where unconscious bias, which can limit potential, occurs.

What to do? My UN leadership coaching clients, who literally carry the lives of many on their shoulders, delight in being introduced to a practice […]

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How CQ Coaching Can Result in 19% Increased Talent Retention, Decreased Conflict; 300% ROI

“David”s (name changed) unconscious bias directed at himself was holding him and his organization back. He had experienced a disability growing up that resulted in his reluctance to communicate with senior leaders. His unconcious bias was that his disability limited his capacity to make a meaningful contribution.

Now, if you had asked David if he believed this disability could negatively impact capacity for anyone else he would have said, “Of course not!”

His unconscious bias led to his belief: “They (the senior leaders) are not going to want to talk with me or hear what I […]

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From Win/Lose to Win/Win: How to Recover Hope Post-Election Oppression

Oppression can be like knowing there is a sun, but not being able to see or experience its warmth because the clouds are in the way.  The sun breaking through the clouds seems very distant. Have you experienced this during the US elections, Brexit, hostile take-overs?

We live in uncertain and divisive times where we are bombarded with fear-inducing messages. How do you access hope and win/win results while feeling oppressed with uncertainty, divisiveness and win/lose threats? 

When fearful of potential outcomes during times of uncertainty and divisiveness, hearkening back to wise spiritual truths as well as national visions and values provide […]

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The World’s Transition Team-Are You On It?

Terrorist attacks around the world, racial unrest and violence, divisive and destructive political campaigns, economic and social upheaval, environmental concerns are literally changing the face of our world. Our world is inescapably VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

“The world is changing and I am on the Transition Team”: are you? How are you, your team and organization playing on and for the team to create a world in which everyone can thrive?

The teams I coach learn to stay energized and achieve sustainable Quadruple Bottom Line results in the midst of complexity and uncertainty by keeping their focus on […]

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How Sharing Power Increases Impact!

Attention Heroes and Lone Rangers! Is your belief that everything needs to happen through your own power draining your energy? I invite you to consider a different perspective, with two ways of sharing power that increase your sustainable impact.

1. Sharing power with others: “Recognizing when everyone brings something and they share their something everyone has enough, plenty, with much left over.” Jim Caccamo, Community Change Leader, saw this team leadership lesson reflected in the Gospel story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. “Our job is to ‘listen’ to what people bring and build a trustworthy process to have everyone […]

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Splash or Slap in the Face? Direct Communication Shifts Perspectives

“Time to update your self-image!” came across like a refreshing splash of cool water, an invigorating wake up call, rather than a slap in the face to one of my Leadership Coaching clients. Being groomed to move up the corporate ladder, his earlier image of himself was getting in the way of success.  His 360 Assessment results clearly showed a mismatch between his self-image and how others saw him.

In this case, others saw this leader in a much more positive light than he did himself. While his need to update his image to a more positive one was rooted in […]

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You, a Direct Communicator? In Our Foggy, Unclear World?

We celebrate freedom in the US. Yet in our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) World, we are not free of ambiguity. We crave certainty, clarity, directness (some personalities and cultures more than others). Stepping into leadership, as a leader or a coach, requires increasing tolerance for and skills with dealing with ambiguity (Ambiguity= murky, foggy, unclear).

In last week’s blog I introduced an acronym for DIRECT (Communication) that starts with “Deals with Ambiguity.”

Imagine your organization is in the process of merging with another organization. Or is downsizing. Or the new CEO has announced an upcoming reorganization. Productivity and profitability need to […]

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Being Direct Without Crossing the Line

Do you find yourself on the thin line of wanting to be direct without crossing the line into being too directive where you lose clients, customers, direct reports (and fail your coaching exam)? My desire to see you getting the best results and being more impactful led me to create a 7 session virtual course on this topic.

As an Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Coach Trainer and Mentor Coach, I see other coaches and the leaders I work with struggling to find this balance. We know that the best results occur when our clients and/or direct reports come up with their […]

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