Sustainability and Quadruple Bottom Line Results: Stop Wasting Resources!2017-12-08T09:27:30+00:00

When you think of Quadruple Bottom Line Results, you may immediately think of wildly successful (social) entrepreneurial stories like Tom’s Shoes, or Richard Branson. Or NGOs/nonprofits and governmental organizations such as the United Nations and the US Environmental Protection Agency. I am privileged to include these last 2 on my client list, as well as KCPL: a utility that invests in developing its people along with practices that support long term environmental effects.

How are you and your organization stacking up?

The quadruple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit & Future Orientation, the 4 “Pillars of Sustainability”) is an expanded version of the business concept of the bottom line that includes social and environmental as well as financial results with a long term effects approach.

Unfortunately, what we frequently hear about and see in the media is the opposite: people and organizations not only not in integrity, but also either throwing away and/or destroying people, talent, and resources (which breaks my heart), and/or squandering them.

Integrity is when people live out their beliefs, values, and vision. Increasingly, consumers and customers are looking for this integrity in their purchasing (and political) decisions. Organizations who deliver on their beliefs, values and vision that sustain the common good boost their financial bottom line. Gaining clarity on and acting from beliefs, values and vision (integrity) is one of the benefits of hiring me as your coach.

It starts with you. I say, “You have the ability to transform”: yourself, and in partnership, your clients, your organization, systems. Anyone within the system has the opportunity to affect the system. You are powerfully influential! I invite you to recognize that and use it positively!

My tagline is “Renewing PEP: People, Energy, and Prosperity through Executive Leadership Coaching. Developing and energizing people results in a more prosperous organization and world.” Because I see people as our greatest natural resource, I invest in my clients renewing, discovering and creatively developing their unique gifts, abilities and passions and capitalizing on those on behalf of the organization, contributing to Quadruple Bottom Line Results. Of course, the greatest impact will come when coaching starts at the top and is comprehensive, involving the entire organization.

My own practices include reduce, reuse, and recycle. Living in a walkable neighborhood (trying to start a trend of walking errands!), carpooling when possible, packing lightly for trips (one 14×20.5″suitcase for my 3 month Asia Pacific journey!), reducing home energy use, buying local produce, etc. I am a member of the Business Alliance for a Sustainable Economy Kansas City.

All of this flows out of my belief regarding stewardship (“the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”, including our own giftedness, legacy, areas of responsibility, body/life, and natural resources); my vision of shared power and peace in our organizations,communities, the world; and my life purpose/calling of Renew, Discover, and Develop.

How do you create this energizing, sustaining state besides hiring me as your coach and living in integrity? Centering, one of my speaking topics (and personal practices!) is one way. I invite you to Watch the video: