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Leadership, Team Coaching and Mentoring Philosophy:

Marilyn believes that thriving organizations depend on thriving people, and that coaching is the best methodology for ensuring both.  Marilyn delights in energizing and developing leaders and teams, and thus, their organizations.  When this approach is paired with a commitment to sustainability, a quadruple bottom line impact is achieved: people, planet, profit, with a future orientation (purpose).

Because she sees people as our greatest natural resource, Marilyn invests, on behalf of the organization, in her clients renewing, discovering and creatively developing their unique gifts, abilities and visions and capitalizing on those on behalf of the organization.  This leads to not only avoiding burnout and costly loss of talent but also transformational changes.  Marilyn does this through a process that can include 360 and other assessments.  She quickly assesses a situation and co-develops a plan with her clients to achieve and sustain their goals.

“It is impossible to not work interculturally!” Marilyn says, and understands the painful consequences (financially and emotionally) of conflict and loss of business and even lives due to lack of Cultural Intelligence and unconscious bias (yes, we all have it!). How will you challenge your perceptions and change your practices, Breaking Free from Bias and leveraging cultural identity diversity for business and common good results?

“All of this flows out of my belief regarding stewardship (“the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”, including our own giftedness, legacy, areas of responsibility, body/life, and natural resources); my vision of shared power and peace in our organizations, communities, the world; and my life purpose/calling of Renew, Discover, and Develop.”

A committed lifelong learner (and educator) herself, Marilyn embraces coaching as a path to deepening learning, improving both individual and organizational performance (and culture), and enhancing quality of life.

As an innovative, visionary thought partner, Marilyn sees herself as a co-pilot by your side, partnering with you to clearly map out the journey ahead, identify and overcome potential obstacles, make sure everyone else is on board and arriving on time, and stay focused, on course as you further develop your team, your organization, and yourself. As pilot and co-pilot, we keep the big, aerial picture in mind, incorporating global perspectives and a systems approach. And as you fly out into the unknown sea of change, Marilyn’s faith and gentle strength provide a firm launching pad that does not jettison off, but continues with you as you rocket to transformation!