Hi Marilyn O’Hearne with weekly wisdom. Why use intuition? In our world of information bombardment, the ability to make quick decisions leading to desired results is crucial. The capacity to quickly size up a situation and recognize the best course of action without analyzing is intuition. That rapid, 2 second decision making can be life- and business- saving, with intuition to keep a competitive edge, 
as Malcolm Gladwell wrote in Blink, and gave firefighters as an example.

Consider when things have not gone well and the cause may have been not following intuition or failing to communicate it.

Blink“: quickly check in with your intuition, then communicate it for results.

Recently promoted leaders I coach who have been used to thoroughly researching before finding solutions discover they need to learn to rely on intuition to make decisions more quickly. Complexity theory invites us to continually scan the system to pick up patterns beginning to emerge to stay competitive.

I train and mentor coaches (since 2003) to communicate their intuition to help their clients quickly get to the “heart of the matter,” the core. How? By noticing cues-physiological, emotional, spiritual and patterns based on experience. “Detecting patterns from random noise,” as Penny Mavor’s study states or as Gladwell does in Blink, through “thin-slicing”-unconsciously filtering through an overwhelming number of variables for the very few relevant factors based on very narrow slices of experience.

In other words, intuition guides us in which information to pay attention to. It answers questions like “What is going on? Which way to go?” It can help “cut to the chase,” and prevent “missing the boat.”

Successful leaders and coaches demonstrate the importance of recognizing and communicating intuition to keep your competitive edge.

How are you directly communicating your intuition?  It takes courage to speak your intuition.  Formerly undervalued or dismissed, intuitive intelligence is now recognized and encouraged in organizations that desire that competitive edge.

I invite you to:

  1. Let go of your fear of not having analyzed all the data, not being 100% sure before making a decision. 
  2. Learn to trust and communicate your intuition.
  3. Research supports starting from a centered, focused, mindful, present state with a “quiet mind” and letting go of overthinking and fear. (how to video on my website)
  4. Experiment with your intuition to build your confidence in your intuition.

Intuition: “Blink”+Speak=Results!

Blink“: check in with your intuition, then communicate it for positive, even business-and life-saving Results.

Invitations: Please share your examples of how you are recognizing and communicating your intuition to keep your competitive edge.

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To our success-we are in this together!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MA, MCC

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