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How Are You Leaping into Your Successful 2018?

Join Us for 3 Keys to How and Why to Master Your ICF Credentialing & Coaching

New, Free Webinar

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The coaching market continues to expand. How do you position yourself for masterful success? 

In this new, live webinar I am thrilled to be sharing 3 keys to unlock coaching and ICF credentialing mastery  from my 20 years of coaching, thirteen as an award winning ICF Master Certified Coach, mentor coach (99% credentialing success rate!), trainer, assessor; 6 years as an ICF Global Board Member.

Do not miss out and be left behind!

This webinar is designed to prompt immediate ideas and steps to mastering your coaching and ICF credentialing.   Look for 2 minute Facebook live videos:

If you are an emerging or experienced coach who is ready to increase your credibility, impact and confidence with an added cultural edge-to leap into your successful 2018 and beyond, you have come to the right place!

Are you…

  • an experienced coach – you recognize the importance of  credentialing for credibility, connections and income potential
  • an ICF ACC-credentialed coach – your credential will be expiring soon, and you need 10 more hours of mentor coaching either for renewal or to go for your PCC or MCC with confidence
  • a graduate of coach training – and need your 10 hours of mentor coaching for credentialing and coaching mastery
  • ready for Continuing Coach Education and/or a mentor coach – while you continue to develop your confidence, coaching and credentialing; ensuring your future impact and reach plus a bonus cultural edge!

If you identify with any of the above and want to learn more or have questions, please join us.

In this information-filled session, you will learn:

  • Why ICF credentialing? (Hint: more organizations and brokers requiring it; greater income according to Price Waterhouse Coopers study and doubled client satisfaction, according the the Global Coaching study)
  • 3 keys to master your coaching and ICF credentialing

Bonus: You realize “It is impossible to NOT work (or communicate) interculturally!” when you consider not only globalization and the ways in which our world is breaking open, but also all our cultural identities: ethnicity, nationality, region, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc. You understand how crucial mastering your cultural intelligence is to your success.

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Your webinar leader:

Marilyn OHearne, MA MCCMarilyn_noBG_320x400 provides a trustworthy, secure launching pad for rocketing from overwhelm to confident transformation. A Thomas Leonard Achievement Award recipient, Marilyn is a globally experienced (since ’98) Culturally Intelligent Leadership, Team and Mentor Coach, including for United Nations leaders, working in 28 countries.

Her passion for intercultural (since age 9!) + coaching led her to developing Culturally Intelligent Coaching Programs including the Culturally Confident Credentialing Mentor Coaching Program and the 7 hour CCE course, "How to Be Direct without Crossing the Line"; 6 years, ICF Global Board of Directors and co-authoring “The Intersection of Culture and Ethics” for Law and Ethics in Coaching. Her Breaking Free from Bias book was published in 2017. Her blog continues to inspire and inform.

Marilyn’s training and experience include US, UK and Bali based coaching programs, living in Spain and Brazil and teaching (Organizational Behavior and International Business), training, speaking and coaching extensively in Asia Pacific as well as participating in a White Privilege Coach Faculty group. She has been mentor coaching since 2003, with a 99% credentialing success rate. “It is impossible to not work interculturally!” Marilyn.

A gentle, spiritual soul, and yet powerful and provocative at the same time,” trainee.

My January 25-April  Culturally Confident Mentor Coaching Program global cohort is already filling! You can ensure your place today: Waiting until after the webinar may be too late! This program is limited to 10 participants.

“I had the pleasure of participating in Marilyn’s Culturally Confident Mentoring Program, and grew my coaching skills and abilities by quantum leaps.  The importance of our clients’ culture was crystallized as well as how they relate to the ICF coaching competencies, which clearly sets apart this mentoring program from all the rest.  Marilyn brings a vast amount of global coaching experience and a depth of cultural awareness, which served to teach us how to deepen the trust and understanding in the coaching relationship.  I was told when I was looking for a mentor coach, that there was none better than Marilyn and they were right!” Anne Quiello


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