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  • Speaking at ICF Cultural Competency Event 2013Marilyn’s audiences walk away inspired with new perspectives, shifts in thinking, and action plans. Her faith in others’ ability for transformation, her gentle strength and excellent cultural and communication skills promote the trust and inspiration required for engaging global audiences.
  • Marilyn is an international trainer and speaker including the ICF Midwest Regional Conference 2015; (APAC) Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaching Conference 2017 and 2014 Thailand and Korea; Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, and the US and countless virtual programs.
  • Marilyn uses her broad experiences, insight, knowledge and wisdom to blaze a clear trail on the path to learning and growth.
  • Follow up coaching has been proven to improve the efficacy of training from 22 to 88%, so please discuss this option with me in order to maximize results.
  • Each of the following programs may be offered live or in a teleclass or virtual (webinar, teleclass) format.
  • Email Marilyn to see how your training needs match with her programs.</li>
    “It was such a pleasure to attend your seminar in Jakarta. May I say that I was moved, really moved by the calm, confident, accepting but strong personality you have and show.” Michel Larue

Note the first three programs listed draw from our Breaking Free from Bias: Preventing Costly Complaints, Conflict, and Talent Loss book.


How Cultural Biases Can Cloud our Judgment and Sabotage Our Success Without Our Even Knowing

(Introduction to Breaking Free from Bias six session Program)

We may aspire to be judgment free. Is that really possible? Unconscious bias neuroscience research says no, that is not how our brains work. Even those of us who are used to working multiculturally! (Humility is very important on this journey.)

From Glass Curtain, Bamboo Curtain, generational gaps and lingering cultural fears or resentment, our organizations will benefit from recognizing and managing our Unconscious Bias.

How do we recognize and appropriately manage our cultural judgments so they do not limit us-both in terms of who we work with and also establishing trust?

Marilyn O’Hearne, MCC shares 2 steps designed to move us from judgment which can sabotage our success to increased impact, influence, and income.

Testimonial: “For me, having grown up very multiculturally, I did not think anyone could improve on my awareness of any unconscious bias . . . until I heard Marilyn’s message. Marilyn shared from her heart and her deep knowledge on this topic.” Chana Klein, International Coach Federation Community of Practice Leader

Testimonial: “Marilyn delivers her message without intimidation, causing you to think about yourself and the biases we all have.” Dr. Evelyn Hill

Increase Your Cultural Intelligence-Or Else!

Just when you think you have it all covered: IQ, EQ; WHAM! Something else hits you!

Cultural misunderstandings can result in costly loss of business.  (That is the “Or Else”) Example: 40% to 55% of alliances break down prematurely and inflict financial damage on both partners.

If you are thinking to yourself, “I have traveled, eaten at ethnic restaurants; therefore I am culturally intelligent and have nothing further to learn,” this is definitely for you!

There is no “arrival” at Cultural Intelligence, it is an ongoing journey that requires awareness, curiosity, humility and empathy.

  • Come and check out your cultural intelligence! (there may be a quiz!)
  • Increase awareness of your own and others’ culture as well as
  • Check your cultural perceptions to avoid these costly misunderstandings and expand your business.

Take the Refreshing & Clarifying Pause: Centering + Unconscious Bias

Want to increase your Performance, Energy and Prosperity in our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world? Take the double Pause that refreshes and clarifies-follow up a Centering Pause with the Unconscious Bias Pause. Burn out! can be a consequence of not taking Centering Pauses. The effects of not taking the Unconscious Bias Pause can be dangerous: from loss of business and talent to shootings.

Discover how being centered makes it almost impossible to be anxious, stressed, or impulsive. Marilyn O’Hearne, MCC provides the neuroscience tie-in for these two topics plus “how to” practice the two pauses for increased PEP (Performance, Energy, and Prosperity).

What you will learn:

  • A quick (one minute!) Centering Pause which returns us to a balanced state, focused and ready for whatever is next,  where optimum decision making can take place.
  • How an Unconscious Bias Pause identifies and updates our biases before we act on them, resulting in expanded business rather than loss.

Testimonial: “Eye-opening, immediate applicability to my Coaching, my manager-employee relationships, to pass onto my kids.”

How to Be a Powerful Direct Communicator Without Crossing the Line into Being Too Directive

Do you find yourself on the thin line of wanting to be direct without crossing the line into being too directive where you may lose clients, customers, direct reports (and fail your coaching exam)?

As a globally experienced Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Coach Trainer and Mentor Coach, I see other coaches and the leaders I work with struggling to find this balance.

In my 7 session virtual course you will discover how to :

  •  Deal with Ambiguity (Constant in our VUCA world! Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)
  • use Intuition:That rapid, 2 second decision making provides a competitive edge and can even be life- and business- saving, 
as Malcolm Gladwell wrote in Blink.
  • Recognize Cultural Differences:so you are “just right” on the “Directometer”
  •  Expand (and shift) Perspectives by Using “You are” statements: speaking from your heart to the heart of the matter
  • deliver Clear, “Compassionate Edge” Feedback: speaking from your heart to the heart of the matter
  •  Transform through Metaphors: learn this successful “backdoor to the brain” (bypassing resistance) methodology!

without “crossing the line!”

Coaches, Sign up here 

Becky Blitch: “Marilyn’s course on Direct Communication has proven to be one of the most valuable I’ve taken in my coach training. Marilyn teaches the importance of being direct in each coaching competency; what I learned made me a better coach as well as a more efficient marketer of my own services!”

Yes, You Can! Master 3 Energizing Steps to Creating Impactful and Influential Leadership

How to Step into Your Power as a Leader with Your Clients, Company, and Community!

As you step into your leadership, do you ever feel overwhelmed and uncertain, maybe even reactive? You do not want to end up “snapping” like ESPN reporter Britt McHenry as you consider how to best step up into your leadership in every setting.

In this session, you will “meet” someone like you, “Jane”, and witness the transformation she goes through. You will experience Marilyn coaching her as she moves from almost ready to snap over a highly negative direct report to creating a situation no one thought was possible and everyone (including the organization!) winning. You will practice the steps and strategies in the session.

What you will learn in this highly interactive session:
• 3 steps to creating impactful and influential leadership anytime, anywhere
• How to access your “inner coach” in order to not end up like Britt McHenry
• 10 Questions to ask for greater energy and productivity which decrease overwhelm, uncertainty and reactivity

Join Marilyn O’Hearne, MA, Master Certified Coach, to learn how you too can step into your powerful leadership in all areas of your life!


Envisioning Your Future (Culture) in Our VUCA World

Our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) World can take a toll on workplace culture, engagement, and results as we are slapped by one wave after another of change and information bombardment.

This program is designed to meet your immediate needs to envision your corporate future (culture) and beyond, by creating a shared vision, bonding, and beginning to surface and reflect values which can be expanded and built upon for action plans.

This researched, visual, experiential process has contributed to sustainable organizational transformation globally.

Especially beneficial during transitions in leadership, this facilitated program can be a stand alone or combined with follow up team sessions and/or Executive and Leadership Coaching.

Testimonial: “Your Envisioning interactive session was a great way to drive engagement, creativity and discussion.  I appreciate your involvement with our leadership team and value your expertise.” Vice President, People Excellence, Health System

Centering in a Sea of Change

We live in almost continual change-there is hope for how to thrive and even transform under these conditions.

Navigate the sea of change in life and work with proactive, energized results. Learn the latest neuroscience which supports the practice of centering, related to mindfulness. You will discover how to center (in one minute!) to keep you focused both throughout the day and in the future in order to more quickly and easily make progress.

Learn how to:

  • Understand the process and plan for the journey
  • Use times of feeling off balance to open the way for exciting changes
  • Transform your organization and yourself while in the midst of transitions
  • Chart a new course!

Renewing Your Vision and Spirit

Looking for that new vision to carry you through this next portion of your wild and wonderful life and/or feeling overwhelmed?  Not sure where to start?  The Renewing Your Spirit and Vision program provides an opportunity to recharge, and make a renewal of vision rather than resolution to boost your PEP (People, Energy, and Prosperity) sustainably .

“A clear, compelling vision draws us closer and more easily to our goals than a resolution, which may bring rebellion rather than results,” says Marilyn.    When you get bogged down in busyness, you miss magic and mystery. Taking the time to clarify and hone your vision seasonally ensures future success and generates more excitement and energy for you and your organization.

Marilyn is passionate about not wasting “our most valuable resource: people”.  She pairs visioning with renewal practices, from one minute to longer.  We can easily see how our more-than-busy (a current status symbol!), stressful lives deplete energy, effectiveness, focus and creativity, and negatively affect productivity, performance and prosperity.

  • Healthy, renewing habits prevents burnout and disease while maintaining your energy and passion to fulfill your vision.  
  • Clarifying your vision and carving out time for renewal opens the door for designing a life you love that nourishes your creativity, boosts your energy and prosperity, and allows your brilliance shine through.

Testimonial:“Marilyn, I am so grateful for your Renewing Your Vision and Spirit workshop and coaching–this was life-changing for me! Your work catapulted me from feeling lost, spinning my wheels, back into an energetic, exciting, and rewarding direction, and all in good balance! I have a smile on my face and heart, I feel ten years younger, I am excited about each day of life, and I am moving forward on rewarding and meaningful goals set during the coaching. Most of all, I feel happy, fulfilled, and motivated!” Attorney

East Meets West: Exploring Wisdom in Coaching

Panel member with See Luan Foo of Singapore  2016 and co-presenter at the Asia Pacific Coaching Conference 2017 in Bangkok with Dr. Woraphat Arthayukti

We live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world. Everything quickly changes. Nothing feels certain. “How do I keep up?” we wonder, as do our clients. Research shows this undermines confidence. By tapping into our Wisdom, we leverage the power of coaching to transform organizations and even society for a more harmonious, sustainable world. We can learn mindful Eastern and Western approaches to accessing our unitive wisdom. This is a new conversation in coaching, and we are excited about “planting seeds” that we believe and hope will blossom in a big way!

Coach Skills Training for Leaders:

Leaders learn coaching skills to increase empowering and equipping (and ownership), resulting in a more engaged organization committed to growth and transformation.
Participant feedback: What idea from this program will you take and use?   “Help others be problem solvers rather than trying to solve their problems.” (Church Ministry leader)
Half day live training, with 6 follow up teleclasses/webinars.

Stress Management

Stress is a given.

Learn how to manage your responses to it to achieve increased energy and effectiveness.