RESPECT-find out what it means to me, and to you! What are the cultural differences? Simply saying “we want a culture of respect” is not enough! That can mean different things to different people based on their culture. Without understanding those different cultural expectations of respect, it will be challenging to foster the relationships you want, successfully attracting and retaining business and talent.

This one aspect covered in our culturally intelligent programs and coaching for leaders and coaches. 

For example, you say to your coaching client, “let me know if I were to say or do anything that unintentionally offends you.” Within some cultures, they would not tell you. It would be considered rude and offensive to do so. How would you know if you unintentionally offend them? What would you do? Find out in our upcoming Culturally Confident Credentialing Mentor Coaching Program.  

In my work coaching leaders and teams we also look at cultural differences. Frequently in meetings you see people who speak up too little or too much. This can also be culturally based. In some cultures, to speak before the elders speak and you are called on would be considered rude. In other cultures, not speaking up enough could label you as a non-contributor. Again, without understanding the different cultural expectations, misunderstandings and sometimes talent loss can occur.

Do not just say “we want respect”! Find out what it means culturally to unlock potential and success!

It is impossible to not work interculturally, even in your own community, organization! Do not let cultural misunderstandings block you and your organization’s potential and success. Apply for a strategy session today through our website.

To our Culturally Intelligent success, we are in this together!

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC

CQ, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation: Unlocking Potential and Prosperity through Leadership, Team and Mentor Coaching; Coaching Supervision