Marilyn O’Hearne MA MCC’s SUPER-VISION: Group and Individual

What is your vision for your coaching?

“Wow! Marilyn provides so much love and openness in the process of supervision. Such a
big space to express myself and find more and more. Marilyn is not just a great supervisor,
she is a great human being.” Elena Espinal, MCC      Who you are is how you work!

"Marilyn's authenticity invited me to be more vulnerable in supervision; that is where my biggest learning came from." Sukh Mishraa, PCC

What is it?

Reflecting on your coaching practice for the benefit of
coach, client and all stakeholders (organization,
profession, etc) in a safe, collaborative learning
partnership. A wholistic, systemic approach.

How is it different from mentor coaching?
Mentor Coaching is focused on the
demonstration of the coaching competencies.

What Happens in Coaching SUPER-VISION?
You can further your development by:

  • Managing self: including emotions, triggers, internal processes, bias and their impact on your coaching
  • Explore and learn from challenges and successes with specific clients. Examples: disengaged clients; balancing between being supportive and challenging; not moving into counselor or parent role when client presents strong emotions.
  • Recognizing how you and your client, including your relationship, may be mirroring what is happening in the system and what to do about it
  • Developing new ideas and strategies which enhance effectiveness through new awareness
  • Receiving feedback & validation; re-energizing!

Individual or group supervision-which is best for
you? Contact me! [email protected] ICF CCEs

Why Coaching SUPER-VISION?

You are already using some of your superpowers with your
clients: listening, questions. Ready to soar? Mastering competencies is not enough!

  • You want to be at your best so your clients, their organizations and stakeholders can be also.
  • You want to position yourself for the future with competitive differentiation. You know that coaching supervision is already part of hiring and contracting requirements for some parts of the world and coaching brokers, organizations due to quality assurance. This is predicted to expand.
  • You recognize masterful coaching takes place at the being level. I partner with you to go DEEP and far in developing and utilizing your superpowers.

Why Marilyn?

You will experience the same respectful, supportive, safe, spacious space that I have been known for since 1998, in 28 countries, as a coach and coach trainer. I cultivate a culture of trust with an added Culturally Intelligent approach.

Participants describe me as a “gentle, spiritual soul, and yet powerful and provocative at the same time.” "A natural supervisor." “Courageous, Caring, Wise, Warm, Respectful,  Inviting, Balanced”

I co-authored “The Intersection of Culture and Ethics” in Law and Ethics in Coaching and authored Breaking Free from Bias: Preventing Costly Complaints Conflict & Talent Loss