“I am one successful end-result of Marilyn’s coaching. Her insight and guidance brought me to the position from which I could change my work life. Twice.

Her workbook takes the next step—helping us Type A’s manage our expectations for our dreaded ‘time away’ from work.

In this workbook, Marilyn proves wise advice on how to set limits on expectations for leisure/vacation time away from ‘real life’ in a reassuring, comforting but direct way. This is coaching at Marilyn’s gentle but direct best. Her workbook format provides tools for people to set their own off-the-clock goals.”

—Rosemarie Kitchin
President, Kitchin’s Ink, Ltd.

“Marilyn has a rare gift for creating the space her clients need to realize their goals.  She is fully present when communicating and has an exceptional knowledge base.  She has an extraordinary understanding of the perspectives of others.   Her integrity and compassion are prevalent in all her relationships.”


“After the assessment, we outlined specific goals for achievement (including communication).  Not only did I improve in the targeted areas, but I also became clear about how my thinking patterns and emotions impacted my performance and productivity.  An unanticipated result was my becoming a more coach like leader:  developing staff and giving them more responsibility so they could own the results.  Marilyn was particularly effective in asking clarifying questions to increase understanding, summarizing; and identifying and supporting successes.  What I especially appreciated about Marilyn’s coaching style was her clear feedback and restating so the communication was not only clear, but I was also able to hear it in a different way; and the coaching challenges she presented me with, like the positive focus.”

—Executive Director of Finance, global manufacturing business

“Marilyn has been an excellent coach. Her authenticity, firmness in asking probing questions, gentleness, and insights have made this experience one of significant growth. Marilyn has encouraged me to think with both my head and my heart, moving my leadership from one of happenstance to one of intentionality.”

—James M. Caccamo
Director, Metropolitan Council on Early Learning, Mid-America Regional Council

“As a self starter and self-motivated executive, I didn’t need more goals. I needed sanity in my life. She artfully drew from me the areas where I needed to focus more, offered empathy while challenging me at the same time, and helped me think out loud about professional and personal issues. Marilyn was invaluable in helping me sort the strands of the multiple roles I play in life.”


“As a female executive in the religious world I found few options for ‘thinking out loud’, and no one who would challenge me or my thinking. Everyone around me has an investment in pleasing me. My coach tracks with me, asks questions that make me think, offers optional views, and supports me with honest feedback. She is proving invaluable.”


“Excellence. You demand it of yourself and nurture it in your clients.”


On Leadership
“Marilyn’s coaching helped me create & implement a clear vision; identify barriers to my effectiveness and guided me in the development of strategies to overcome these issues. Her coaching has led me to improve my business acumen, take risks and dramatically improve my health, with sustained results. I went from at times feeling like a duck with frantic movement underneath the water to being like a skater smoothly gliding over the ice. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

—Bill Schwarz, Manager of Winning Culture

On Mentor Coaching
“Since I started coaching with Marilyn, I have reached all my short-term goals. She has an instinctual ability to draw out the essential element that I truly must focus on. There is no room to waiver and my energies as well as hers are focused on my next best step to the top. She is a fabulous partner.

Indeed, the Master Coach and clear communicator. Being a Life/Wellness coach myself, I am wise enough to know that every coach needs a coach. I can think of no better person to fill the role as that of Marilyn. She brings a whole new level and integrity to coaching. Without her, I could not be confidently reaching for my stars.”

—Suzanne Nance

On Transitions/Career Change

“Marilyn, you helped me give form to my vaguely-defined notions of success; you walked me through the concrete things I could do to connect my desires with reality.”


“With this current job change, my values which you helped me uncover are topmost in my mind, my conversations, and my negotiations. Last year you coached me to be forthright and confident enough to confront problems head-on, which led to my ‘victory’ with my current employer.”

—Anonymous (email received a year after coaching a client)

“Marilyn helped me to clarify the directions I needed to take as I made a major change in my career.  Coaching has helped me to see the big picture and to understand the importance of integrating my professional life with my personal life.”

Marketing Executive