Do you want to make a greater impact for the greater good?

If you are motivated to make accelerated positive changes with sustained results, then you are a Marilyn O'Hearne coaching candidate. Bring your sense of humor and find new joy as you step up to transformation!

Where? In person, phone, skype

How long? Length of coaching sessions range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  For sustained results, clients usually work with me for 3-12 months and may repeat the process in a new setting (position, organization, transition).

What is the coaching process ? How would we work together?


1. Assessment
  • Who/where are you now, and where/who do you want (and your organization) to be
  • What is the gap you want to close between the two?
  • Clarify values, goals, purpose, mission, and vision; raising awareness.
  • Tools: welcome pack, any assessments you have already completed, additional assessments, 360 interviewing if desired; questions, deep listening, and constructive feedback.
2. Develop a plan and become thought partners

The developmental plan continues to be honed and revised during the coaching process as I provide a fresh, objective, creative perspective.

You will talk through issues, using me as a thought partner to fully listen and understand.

3. Ask powerful questions
I’ll ask you questions no one else is asking you. Throughout the entire process, you will get valuable feedback and accountability.
4. Implement the plan
I provide focus, support, and challenge your thinking and existing practices. We will brainstorm through obstacles, and celebrate your successes.
Achieve sustained results
Lasting results in the time frame you established.


Confidentiality: What we discuss stays between the two of us unless you choose to share it with someone else.

Payment: Due at the 1st of the month for the coming month.  Fee depends on scope of the coaching, travel, etc.